More parts and longerons

Here’s an assortment of parts I’ve been working on.

I’m pretty close to where I can start putting the aft fuselage together once I finish building my sheet metal brake.  Instead of working on the brake, I have been jumping around making all the low-hanging fruit in the fuselage section.  I have been dreading the slots in the forward fuselage longeron that the canopy latches slide into.  I ended up using the jigsaw method to cut the slots.  It is probably a less-than-ideal method, but I decided to just get it done and quit worrying about it.  I am pleased with the results–I just need to do a little more work with the file.

There’s gotta be a rule against using a jigsaw like this.

I used the same technique on the phenolic–in fact I tried it on the phenolic first.

Here are the completed slots and countersunk holes.  I had it all bolted together, but then realized I had more holes to drill and had to take it all apart.


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