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Aluminum Angle Kit 7

These are now my longest band saw cuts.  The cut started scaring me with banging sounds.  After I was done cutting I re-tensioned the blade and adjusted the blade tracking.  The second cut had no scary sounds.  I cut just on the outside edge of my sharpie line and was within a blade width the whole cut.

These parts had a nice diagonal band saw cut.  The first part I cut the wrong angle but fortunately I left too much material behind and was able to fix it.  I was able to try out the vixen file on the cuts.  The secret seems to be to be very gentle with it to keep the teeth from catching on the edge.  Its amazing how much material is removed with as delicate pressure as I can apply.

Aluminum Angle Kit 6

My order from Wicks arrived today.  Most of the items are for the Sonex workshop in February.  My favorite item are these Andy aluminum snips–I’ve been referring to them as my man scissors.

Here are the rest of the items in the order with my steel ruler for scale.

Here is the vixen file along with the smaller, cheap file I have been using.  I couldn’t find much information comparing the vixen file to other files I might own, but I figured if its required they must know what they are talking about.  I tried it on some of my band saw edges this evening and it seems fantastic.

I did manage to get a few parts cut this evening.