I am an Electrical Engineer in Huntsville, Alabama. I enjoy building things, taking things apart, flying things, and going places.

  1. Hey Chris, good meeting you today and it’s fun reading your flight training story. I am learning to fly in 88V as well and flew several hours with Aaron; it’s pretty funny to ready your experiences because they are pretty familiar to me. Good to have you as a member of the chapter.

  2. Chris,

    Don’t have your email address. I’d like to schedule the EAA 190 Chapter visit to check out your Sonex build at your convenience.


  3. Christopher,
    I am at the stage of fabricating F8-08 and would like to have the extra flap position. Also admired your CAD drawing of the modified piece.
    Any chance of getting a full scale copy of your drawing? Save me reinventing the wheel.
    Sonex #1448 TD
    Jab/Camit 3300

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