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Vertical Stabilizer Skin

I have attached the vertical stabilizer skin with clecos and drilled most of the holes to the final size.  I also attached the piano hinge for the rudder.  I need to disassemble and deburr, but should be ready to rivet it soon.

I noticed a laser cut part on the rear spar with edges that looked like they weren’t totally deburred.  It seemed like it would probably be fine–I couldn’t really catch my fingernail in any of the bumps, but I knew it would bother me.  I ended up drilling out the stainless steel rivets.  This was a huge chore with my HSS (high speed steel) bits.  Apparently I need to get some cobalt bits as they are good on stainless steel.  I don’t have enough rivets to finish the job and will need to order more of that type from Sonex.  Notice the empty holes.