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Aluminum Angle Bundle 12

Was starting to feel worried I might end up with a build log without any pictures to prove that it was actually me building the airplane, so my wife helped me by taking some pictures.  Here I am wearing a Los Angeles Sanitation jumpsuit in an effort to keep the house a sterile environment with no exposure to aluminum flecks.  I also try to leave a set of old sneakers in the basement and take them off before coming up stairs.  Seems to be working fairly well.

There are a few things wrong with this picture.  Yes, I am actually using my head to dampen vibration on my band saw.  For some reason the top wheel has a fairly significant vibration that almost totally disappears once I touch my head to it.  The band dangling from my eye protection needs to be trimmed or adjusted.  I’m wearing my fancy ~ $3 Harbor Freight hearing protection–I decided when I finally get to fly the airplane I’d like to still be able to hear other pilots on the radio.

I have cut more parts but have no pictures to show.  I am trying to finish all the parts that don’t require bending and aren’t longer than 12″ for now.  I started preparing to cut the flap detent handle, but read about some people adding an extra setting for 20 degrees.  Also, builders have added nibs in an effort to prevent the handle from accidentally bouncing out of position.  These seem like a good idea, but have caused me to spend an excessive amount of time reading others’ build logs :-)

Aluminum Angle Kit 10

I decided I better start wearing hearing protection so got some $3 earmuffs from Harbor Freight.  While there I also got some step drills.

I used the step drill to cut some small diameter circular cuts from some parts I was working on yesterday and they seemed to work well.

My current work flow is to find parts that don’t need to be bent that I have previously cut to approximate size and finish all the cuts.  One of these days I might figure out how to do the bends and I will add that to my skill set.