Monthly Archives: December 2011

Forward Fuselage

I started working on the forward fuselage sides even though I’m not finished with the rear fuselage.  This is reducing the size of my pile of aluminum angle pieces I started making about a year ago and so far everything has fit nicely.

I had some question about fitting the F15-12 angle clip into the F14-12 seatbelt attach angle.  The plans only showed a 1/8″ radius chamfer on the angle clip, making it impossible to nest into F14-12.  After asking on the forum, it sounds like the aluminum angle that the seatbelt attach angle is made of originally had a 1/8″ radius instead of the current 1/4″ and it should be fine to grind the angle clip to 1/4″.  I am happy with how well these pieces nested together as shown in this picture, and the grinding wasn’t nearly as tedious as I expected.

I had to bend two of these .060″ parts.  I was not looking forward to it, but I was able to bend both at the same time on my 8′ brake with no problem at all.  It was almost too easy.