Metal Brake

I decided to build Dave’s simple sheet metal brake for some of the longer bends on the scratch-built fuselage.  I bought my steel from Service Steel, Inc., but didn’t originally tell them I was using the steel in a sheet metal brake and I needed the steel as straight as possible.  Two of the 8′ lengths were almost perfect and I riveted them together with a steel hinge.  The third piece was to be bolted on top to clamp down on the metal being bent, but it was bowed by 1/8″.  Unable to think of a method of bending the steel that didn’t involve doing dangerous things with cars or car jacks, I contacted Service Steel and they let me trade the piece out for a straighter piece that worked great.

Here I am after bending the first 38″ piece.  I am going to work my way up to the longer ones as I determine if I have a sufficient number of bolts and if my handles are satisfactory.

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