Monthly Archives: September 2012

Dad helped with the forward fuselage

Dad helped me align the aluminum channel on the floor the fuselage. The two center aluminum channels were too close together and sandwitched between two aluminum angle extrusions.  This prevented us from being able to use the pilot holes in the channel as guides to drill into the extrusions.  This situation seems to be a “feature” of the lowered seat modification.  It would have worked great had I not already riveted the extrusions in place.  I ended up drilling one out to get access.  This was awkward and I ended up breaking a drill bit in the process.


Seat mount, etc.

I’ve been spending a lot more time under the fuselage drilling into the spar tunnel, seat support, forward fuselage/rear fuselage skin overlap, etc.

Here are a bunch of the parts I have been working on set in place.  The part with the clamp and the piano hinge is where the bottom of the seat attaches.  I have begun to pilot-drill that and cleco it into position.

I haven’t taken a picture of it yet, but I also built the elevator push-rod idler.


Firewall, spar tunnel, and fuselage bottom

I have pilot drilled and attached the forward fuselage bottom, stainless steel firewall, and the spar tunnel.  The forward fuselage is beginning to feel very solid.

Attaching forward fuselage sides

Started attaching the forward fuselage sides.  I got an Park Tool TW1 torque wrench to help with some of the bolts.  This is a lot easier to use and smaller than my clicker-style wrench and great for these bolts.  I used fishing line (notice the fishing reel hanging off the front left longeron) to check that the longerons are straight and a laser line to double-check.  I believe the next step is to attach the bottom to help further line everything up, but I believe it is pretty close as it rests now.