Flight School Day 15

Today was my first flight into class C airspace for landings at Huntsville International.

The airport is about 2 miles from restricted airspace at Redstone arsenal, so I had to watch for that.  We took off and flew west until approach told us to turn towards the airfield.  First they cleared us for runway 36R and we did about 3-4 landings there before they told us to fly left downwind for 36L, so we used the huge runway for a couple landings before they gave us the option to return to 36R.  After one of my takeoffs on 36R when I keyed the microphone, the radio turned off, so we pushed the radio in (it seems to have vibrated forward).  That solved the problem until we were leaving the airport and I keyed the microphone again while talking to departure and the same thing happened with the same solution.

We did all wheel landings today.  They are getting better, but probably still not good enough where I would feel comfortable doing them solo (I am wondering if it was the landings that jarred the radio out :-)  Really the landings were gentle but the airplane wasn’t pinned to the ground so it would hop around and as soon as Aaron touched the stick the airplane would be perfect :-)

He said I did a great job on the radio and he signed me off to land at Huntsville international.  I need to do three landings solo there to get signed off.  He said to go early in the morning when traffic isn’t as bad–apparently traffic while we were there was pretty busy but it seemed less busy than I imagined.

The other problem I had was I felt like I was too high all the time because the runway is so huge, so I almost always had to add power on final to make it to the runway.

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