Flight School Day 16

This was the first of the cross-country flights.  Aaron had me plan a flight to Muscle shoals (54 miles away) and calculate the direction we should fly corrected for the wind.  I also chose a few checkpoints on the map and calculated how long it should take to fly to each checkpoint.  The wind was not very strong so our wind correction was just a couple of degrees.

We got to our checkpoints almost exactly when we expected to and were very close to each one of them.  Aaron had me do a wheel landing and once my tail touched the ground he let me add throttle and take off.  Then he took the controls and flew me to where they get the parachutes packed for aerobatic flight.  The runway was incredibly narrow–it was basically in some guy’s backyard.  He was out on his lawnmower cutting the grass, so we flew over and waved our wings at him.

Then I flew back towards muscle shoals airport and flew us back to Madison county using the same checkpoints in reverse.  The whole flight took about an hour.  When we got to Madison county I did another wheel landing.

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