Flight School Day 14

I am sending this about a week late, so just read it a week back in time…

Today I rented the plane and explored the region around Huntsville.  First I flew north to Fayetteville to see if I could find the airport.  It was pretty easy to find.  Then I turned around and flew down the east side of the parkway over south huntsville until I was a few miles from the river.  Then I turned east and flew over the hills (Monte Sano, Green Mountain, etc).  I flew around there for a while seeing what there was to be seen.  Then I flew North and found Moontown.  I landed there once and then decided to fly back to Fayetteville and try some landings there.  There was a bit of a crosswind and I landed twice.  Both landings were a little crooked because of the crosswind and myself not compensating enough or in sync with the gusts, so I felt the wheels screech a bit, but there wasn’t any bounce.  Then I flew back to Madison county and landed there.  I flew for 2 hours.  There was very little traffic–the only airplane I saw was also at Madison county.  I took off without setting my transponder to altitude because I got distracted by getting my heading indicator aligned with the runway–I got it set about 5 minutes after takeoff, hopefully nobody was worried.

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