Flight School Day 3

Today was a pretty windy with a brisk wind from the south.

He let me preflight the airplane myself before he came out and made sure I didn’t miss anything.  Since it was windy we had to use the ailerons and elevator while on the ground to keep the plane flat on the ground.  I taxied the airplane to the runway and took off with his help.  We still took off a bit left of the centerline but not as much as yesterday.

We practiced 45 degree turns some more and he said I did great.  I tend to climb a bit when I end the turns because I pull back through the whole turn to maintain altitude and then don’t let off enough at the end.

We practiced slow flight again today at 60mph (yes, thats 60mph, not knots).  Yesterday we practiced slow flight at 70mph.  We did some more power off stalls and they were a bit better today except for I still yaw about 15 degrees during the stall and recovery.

Then we flew at about 1500 feet while turning around a point on the ground.  The wind made this quite challenging–when you are downwind of the point you have to turn harder to keep from getting blown away and when you’re upwind you don’t turn very steep at all.

I also got to talk on the radio a little bit before takeoff and before we entered the traffic pattern.

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