Flight School Day 2

Today was a little bit better.  I was able to taxi a lot easier and get to the runway without too much help.  We took off from runway 18 today (36 yesterday) and had to wait for a jet to land.

I think he left me more in control of the takeoff than yesterday as we drifted left of the centerline once we got the tail off the ground and I continued drifting left through the whole takeoff roll once we were in the air.

First we practiced a lot more 45 degree turns and I did a better job looking out the window rather than staring at the instruments.

The main point of today’s lesson was to learn about slow flight and how to control airspeed with pitch and altitude with thrust as well as how to compensate for the yawing motion to the left at slow speeds.

We practiced power off stalls as well.  He performed one first and then I performed one.  Mine had a pretty ridiculously steep recovery but we made it–it was probably more ridiculous than some rollercoaster drops.  He then demonstrated another one for me :-)

He had me maintain 75 knots for the landing and again had me hold the controls while he landed.  The landing seemed pretty good and then I managed to taxi off the runway and back to the tie down spot.

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