Attaching tail to fuselage

When attaching the horizontal stabilizer, it is important to be sure the bolt holes will go through the angle beneath the longerons with enough room for the nuts to clear the leg. I checked the measurement and though I had more clearance then I ended up with–I may have got lucky.  I did have to remove one rivet  and install it from the other direction to prevent interfering with the nut.

I had to cut probably about 1/16″ or so off the stabilizer skins to get them to fit around the turtle-deck (as directed by the plans).

The vertical tail was a tight fit.  I had to trim some of the rear turtledeck to allow for clearance of the spar attachment when installing it (the notch called for in the plans would work if you could magically teleport the tail into position).

It seems my hardware kit was missing two bolts for the horizontal stabilizer and all the nut plates for the vertical tail.

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