Rear fuselage parts and turtledeck layout

I decided it is time to get rid of the 4’x12′ sheet of aluminum I have left by converting it into the turtle deck.  It wasn’t nearly as much work as I expected, it’s just a little tedious laying out all the curves and rivet holes.  I am only 90% sure I didn’t make any mistakes though…  In this picture, I have already cut out one side and am tracing it to make the other side.

I started installing the seatbelt attachment parts.

After working on this part over the past couple months, I finally realized I made it an inch too short and had to redo it.  It’s an interesting looking part, so I am hesitant to chop it up.

Caroline helped me flip the fuselage right-side up and move it onto my saw horses.  It doesn’t look much different, but many of the holes have been drilled to the final size and riveted.

While on travel I asked Eric Witherspoon if I could come see his Sonex.  He generously worked me in to his schedule (on very short notice) and even took me up for a nice half-hour flight.  He demonstrated the effectiveness of the standard ailerons and showed me around his local area.  He has a sweet arrangement sharing a T-hangar–I’d like to do something like that, but I’ve heard a rumor that it’s not allowed at my local airport.

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