Aluminum Sheet Order

I thought it would be fun to try scratch building the fuselage.  Since I have already made all the aluminum angle components, I am thinking I might be able to have something beginning to resemble an airplane without too much effort.  We’ll see how well this idea holds.

Wicks seemed to have good prices on aluminum sheet, but said shipping for 5 sheets of 4’x12′ would be around $100.  I found a local company L. Miller & Son, Inc. with similar prices but no shipping charge.  I did end need to pay around $50 in taxes, but I would have needed to pay that on the other order anyway (Alabama wants you to provide proof you paid sales tax on the airplane).

I was concerned about getting 4’x12′ sheets to fit in the back of the van.  Everyone including myself seemed skeptical that they would roll, but they rolled easily and I used a ratcheting strap to keep them that way.  This is what 3 sheets of 4’x12′ .025″ and 2 sheets of .032″ look like rolled up in the back of a van.  It’s not nearly as impressive as it would be unrolled.

This would not work without the “Eagle Scouts” bumper sticker.

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