Aluminum Angle Bundle 15

I cut the parts I previously drew in SolveSpace.  I noticed one of the parts had been rough cut too small–I cut the dimension for one side of the angle and didn’t notice the other side was longer.  Instead of fixing it, I decided to cut out the rest of the parts out of that sized angle to make sure I will have enough–looks like I will.

Some of the longer pieces have measurements to within 1/32″.  My 3 foot ruler only does 1/8″, but it also has a mm scale, hence the graphing calculator in the image.  I’m pretty sure I could have fudged it, but this is half the fun.

Edit: I later noticed the plans also show millimeter measurements, so no need for the calculator.

Almost forgot to mention I bought a 3lb hammer and used it to open the two small parts to 95 degrees.

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