Aluminum Angle Kit 8

Cut some more parts. Was prepared to do a lot of band saw work but it wasn’t cutting very well. Yesterday it was cutting like butter and today I had to apply significant force and it was hard to control. Then I remembered yesterday’s adventure. I was so pleased at how well the band saw was cutting I decided to cut through an integrated circuit (PIC microcontroller) for the fun of it. I think I learned my lesson…

  1. You think that was enough to dull the band?

    • It’s hard for even to believe it was enough. I probably did a total of 3″ of cutting on the chip and my blade seems totally unusable. My assumption is the packaging must be very abrasive. Interestingly enough the exact same smell you get when you “let the smoke out” of an electric device was released as I was cutting it. As a side note, I destroyed my first wood cutting blade by cutting a steel bolt in half–I’m just irresponsible with my band saw, but I think I’ve learned my lesson now.

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