Flight School Day 33

Today was more practice for the check ride.

We started by practicing a soft-field takeoff where you get the airplane off the ground as early as possible and fly in ground effect until you pick up speed and begin climbing.  We flew the pattern a few times and practiced short field landings where the idea is to get the airplane on the ground as close to after a specified point as possible.  I still come in a little low on final approach, but it was much better today than it has been.

We then practiced flying “under the hood” with only reference to the instruments–this went well and we practiced unusual attitude recoveries as well.

We then performed some power on stalls where you get the airplane at around takeoff speed, apply full throttle, and pull up to simulate a stall on takeoff.  On one of the stall attempts, Aaron cut the throttle and I recovered by immediately pitching the nose down.  He was trying to see if I’d pull back, worsening the situation.

Then we climbed to 4,500 feet and practiced spins.  The first time he had me spin once and recover after two rotations on the same heading.  I came out just about exactly on the right heading.  So we climbed and he told me to count the revolutions until I got to three and then begin recovery.  Around three revolutions the spin stabilizes and it ended up taking about another revolution after I started recovery before the spin stopped.

When we got to the airport we did some more short-field landings and everything turned out really good.

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