Flight School Day 23

We did some more nigh flying and simulated instrument flying tonight.  He had me try some steep turns to disorient me more and see if I would believe the instruments and fly accordingly.  We also tried some power off stalls while I couldn’t see out the window.  This was the hardest part and I pitched too far forward in my recoveries.  We tried two night wheel landings–they both turned out fine but still need some work.

I was expecting to have forgotten some since my last flight was about a week and a half ago, but it seemed I remembered everything and I felt like I am still improving over my previous flights.

The flight to Enterprise sounds like it is probably not going to happen.  I can’t leave earlier than 8:00am and need to be back by 2:00pm.  The weather would likely need to be almost perfect also.  He told me to plan a couple of other shorter cross-country flights in different directions so almost regardless of weather I’ll be able to fly somewhere.

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