Flight School Day 20

Today was my first night flight, but when I arrived it was still pretty light outside, so I flew the plane around the pattern solo for 4 landings (all wheel landings).  They got progressively better each time.  Then Aaron got on the radio and had me pick him up at the ramp.  After we got airborne, it was still light, so we flew around looking at all there was to see.  We found a valley where fog was beginning to form by the trees giving it a white-carpeted look.  We flew down the valley over the fog and he showed me places where he hunts.

Once it started getting dark we headed over to Moontown and I keyed the radio to get the lights to turn on.  On my first landing, I came close to not turning sharp enough to line up with the runway, but I got it lined up.  The wind was calm so we let the airplane roll to the end of the grass strip and then we turned around and took off the other way.  It was a little bit disorienting not seeing the usual landmarks and only having the runway edge lights to go by.  We probably did around 10 landings there before heading back to Madison County.  For some reason my landings at Madison County weren’t as good.  I kept thinking I was higher than I actually was and touching down earlier than I expected.

The air was completely still, but on my takeoffs I was still working the rudders like I am used to flying in the afternoon so he told me I was using them too much.  After that all my takeoffs were pretty smooth.

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