Flight School Day 13

I’m writing this almost a week late.  Last Friday, we flew to Moontown and Aaron got out and let me solo again.  I attempted 6 landings but ended up doing a go around on two of them.  The runway there is a bit shorter and one end goes over a road so you have to come in a little steep but still land it soon.

This week the weather has been too cloudy to fly VFR, so I haven’t done any flying.  Yesterday, we talked about flying in class C airspace in preparation for our flights to Huntsville International Airport.  I am required to land there three times solo for my license.  Aaron also endorsed my logbook to land at Fayetteville airport in Tennessee, so I have cooked up a plan to fly from Madison County south to the Tennessee River, around Monte Sano and land at Moontown.  Then I will fly to Tennessee and land at Fayetteville and then back to Madison County… but I need to wait for good flying weather which doesn’t seem to be coming any time soon.

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